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Frequently Asked Questions



I want to host a party.  What do I do?


 Contact me.  We will work together on selecting a date that fits both of our schedules and then I will send you an invoice for the booking deposit.  Parties can be booked starting at 6:00 in the evening on Mon, Tues., Thurs. or Fri, and anytime on Saturdays.  My calendar is often booked 1 to 2 months in advance, with the weekend dates going the fastest.  Want it booked this month?  Who knows, I may have openings!  It never hurts to ask!    (Due to various family commitments, please understand that not all weekends that look open online are necessarily available for parties.) 



What is a booking deposit?


Once a date is chosen, in order to reserve that date on my calendar a booking deposit must be paid.  An invoice for the booking deposit of $35 will be sent to your provided email address via Paypal.  Once the invoice is paid, I will officially add your party to my online calendar.  As long as your booked date is kept, this deposit will be applied to and covers your personal class fee.  However, the booking deposit is non-refundable should you need to cancel or reschedule your class for any reason without at least 14 days notice. 





I am hosting a party!  Yay!  What do I need?


*Guests!  Invite your all friends, family, and coworkers to come have a fun night painting!


*A location with tables and chairs!  Smaller groups can paint in your home, while larger groups often host in their church, school, or business. 


*Snacks!!  Ok, this isn't necessary, but who doesn't like snacks?  Get your guests to bring some finger foods and (non-alcoholic) drinks to share and stay nourished while you paint. 


*Payment Collection.  As the hostess, you are responsible for ensuring that all guests have paid.  See question #7 for more information on collecting payments.

How many people can come?


A *minimum of 8 is required to book a party, and a max of 50 can attend.  Larger groups usually find a church, school, or business location that they can use, while smaller groups can typically meet in a home. 

*(Anyone wishing to book a party with a traveling distance of 30-50 miles from my central location in North Georgia must have a minimum of 15-20 adult painters, depending on distance.   Minimums participants increase as mileage increases.   When booking, please provide me with the address of your party.)


What's the best way to invite my guests?

Are you on Facebook?  Create a Facebook event, include a photo link to your chosen painting, and start inviting away.  Include a link to this website, along with instructions that they can register and pay via this page.  Not on Facebook?  Get the word out at work, school, and church via word of mouth, phone calls, or email invite.  If you want a great group, invite a LOT of people to ensure your attendence.   Let your invitees know that you need a minimum of 8.  Where else can you have a fun night out with friends, get a lesson in painting, and go home with a work of art to hang in your home for only $30? 

How much is it?


Painting parties are $35 per person.  There are a few options that include a frame- these are $35 per person. 

When  and How do we pay?


Payment is due BEFORE the day of the class.  This ensures that your guests will not drop out at the last minute or be no shows.  In order to keep the class on the schedule, the minimum of 8 of the payments should be paid at least 7 days prior to the class. It is preferred that all attendees pay online.  This system tracks registration and payments easily and keeps me constantly updated on attendence.  Once your party is set up, I will send you the online link for your party to be passed along to those attending.  If there are some that prefer not to pay online, as the hostess you can collect their payments individually and pay those in a lump total online.  Payment is taken through secure and trusted Paypal.  You can click here to pay.  Find the date and hostess name of the party you are attending.  Click to register for the class you were invited to and it will then take you through to Paypal to make your payment online. 

I don't have a suitable location to host a party- what can I do?


If you can't find a suitable location to use and have a group between 4-10, ask me about booking a date in my home.  Any parties in my home will be "open" classes, meaning they will be announced on Facebook and elligible for others to sign up for if not booked to capacity. 

How long will the painting take?

Most paintings that I instruct take an average of 4 hours, with some being slightly more or less depending on the size of the group and the painting you select.   "Why is that longer than other painting party places?"  Paintings with The Creator's Canvas tend to be more detailed and slightly more complex than what you find at other venues, both in subject matter, shading and highlights, as well as the addition of text on many of the choices.  All of these elements add up to equal extra time required to paint.  It is always my goal to keep my class moving at a steady pace, but not so fast to make you feel rushed.   If time constraint is a concern, I can direct you towards paintings that will take less time.   



I have already paid for my class, but now I need to cancel.  Do I get a refund?


My first suggestion is that you find someone to take your seat for the class you signed up for.  Class fees are not refunded, but if you contact me to cancel with 48 hours notice, your fee payment can be saved and used in a future open or hosted class.  No-shows or anyone cancelling with less than 48 hours notice will not be refunded and their payment will not be able to be used in a future class.  


Someone wants to join in on the painting party last minute, but can't pay online.  Can they bring cash to the party?

As much and as often as possible I like to take all payments online beforehand to have as close to an accurate count as possible.  If there is a last minute addition(s), they can bring cash, but please notify me so that I can prepare the needed supplies.  Many canvases come pre-traced, thus the need for accuracy in planning for how many are attending.  I do try to bring one or 2 extras, but it cannot be guarenteed. 

Have a question not answered by this page? 

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